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Online Software

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If relevant to their needs, we strongly recommend clients to use off-the-shelf software, but where a custom-built application is needed, we are the preferred partners in Thrissur and Kerala for large and medium enterprises. Our customers are distributed around the globe with app servers in Asia and the Middle East.

We have over 19+ years of extensive experience in market analysis, selection of specifications, design of software, creation, implementation and maintenance. We have developed robust and scalable applications that, with increasing business needs, can expand organically.

Based in Dubai, our software development team consists of market analysts, software architects, experts in databases, programmers, testers and project managers. We build in-house web-based application software with SQL database, C# scripting and MVC framework for Microsoft platforms. Web applications use extensive interactive components built on popular javascript frameworks such a Jquery, BootStrap, Angular.

For our thorough understanding of business processes, quality awareness, commitment to timetables and cost competitiveness, we are preferred. We have developed Market Reporting, Workflow, MIS, Business Intelligence, Investment Banking, Travel Insurance, Sales Force Automation, Travel, E-commerce and more applications over the past decade.

Compared to the late 90s, today's era has been completely transformed by the digital revolution, and there are memories of standing in long queues to pay bills, including phone bills and electricity bills, but today it has become a memory from a single click on your mobile phone.

Nucleus Web Technologies is the ultimate answer to your search queries and results for a mobile-based application, such as the iPhone app, Android app, and web app. Of course Nucleus Web Technologies, Thrissur is the best company in Kerala, offering the best mobile application, development, iOS application and Android mobile applications, allowing you to grow your business and become a market leader.