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Do you know the 15-second rule? It says that if you can’t grab someone’s attention on your website within the first 15 seconds, they're going to simply leave. consistent with HubSpot research, as many as 55% of web visitors leave an internet site in under 1 / 4 of a moment. this suggests that if you would like to make a valuable digital product (like an internet app or mobile app), it's to represent an unprecedented quality of web design. It needs the “wow” effect!

How does one find an internet design company in Dubai ready to provide such designs?
The biggest difficulties of web design companies in Dubai
Let’s start with a standing check and appearance at a number of the most important, commonest issues for the Dubai web design market.

Not enough skilled designers
There are many web design companies in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and throughout the entire Middle East region. Most web design companies in Dubai use local talent and are focused more on the software development element of building web products. supported our experiences working with Middle East companies (based in UAE but also Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Qatar), we noticed that in most cases the planning comes from frontend or backend developers. Is that so wrong? Many frontend developers definitely possess graphic design skills; they're extremely helpful on a day today. However, it shouldn’t be their main role, a bit like web designers shouldn’t focus an excessive amount of on web development.

If you would like to ascertain the important difference between an internet designer (or to be more specific digital product designer) and an internet developer, read our article “Web design vs. web development. What’s the difference?”.

But there’s also another problem with web design or software development companies in Dubai. Many are outsourcing a number of their work to offshore countries, like India. This solution might cause some problems with the merchandise sooner or later. While outsourcing may be a great business tool to figure smarter, more agile and within limited deadlines and budgets, so-called “white labelling” is very problematic. what's “white labelling” within the app development context?


Lamp Media Technologies may be a full-service Dubai Website Design Company based within the heart of Dubai. We are the sole agent who provides all kinds of Digital Services with the complete access of our team. All our staff has locally experienced and dealing with us since last 5 years and everyone are professional, honest and reliable. We follow the international standard when it involves managing the projects. We use project management tools to speak with our clients for the project progress and follow-ups. Our developers use the newest technology and frameworks to create the project. We are the simplest Web Design Dubai Company when it involves UX & UI.

Award-Winning Website Design Company in Dubai
On May 2016, we've been award as best Web Design Company in Dubai by our leading business organisation in Dubai. We are proud to mention that we are the tech-savvy team who enjoy working with clients round the clock to satisfy the deadlines and to launch the projects with error and bugs free.

Dubai Web Development Company
When it involves development, our in-house web developers are sharp and smart! We work on all the frameworks and languages. we've worked with many platforms like WordPress, Laravel, Code-Ignitor, Custom PHP, Site-core, .NET platforms, Magento, Shopify, etc. We are the sole Web Development Company in Dubai who give full access of our team to our clients where our client can sit with our developers to travel through the progress.

Web Designers in Dubai
If you're trying to find Web Designers in Dubai who can work with you on your project then Indeed you're at the proper place! we've Dubai Web Designers who can speak English & Arabic. All our designers are creative & smart and work on Photoshop, XD and Sketch.

Web Developers in Dubai
We understand that the majority of the agencies, they don’t have in-house Web Developers in Dubai and this actually frustrate the clients. we've our Web Developers in Dubai office who are always available for a face-to-face meeting with our clients.