Vincy Oommen (Vinu)

Vincy Oomen (Senior Web Developer, Nucleus)

I am Vincy Oommen staying in Thrissur. Most of the times from my childhood till now  I'm with computers and the internet that drives my passion into the world of programming.

Now, I'm a PHP developer and SEO Expert. I started my career as a Business Executive for pharmaceutical companies, but my ambition during my college days was to be an IT Engineer but I couldn't go for technical studies. So I completed my degree and post-graduation while working. My second part of the career started in 2002 as a Graphics  / Web designer and photographer. I learned web designing and web development as per the employment requirements, but that paved the way for me to achieve my long-time ambition to become a good web developer and finally, I made it. You can know more about my profession from my portfolio pages. Contact me in person for more queries.

PHP Web Developer with expertise in Flex, HTML and Flash

More than 17 years of professional experience in Web and Graphic Designing.  11 years of professional experience as a Web Developer (PHP). Two years of experience in RIA Development with Adobe Flex .

Excellent team player with a positive attitude. Quick learner and possess good time management. Have effective command over written and verbal communication skills. Familiar with web development and content management systems. Career oriented, hard-working and have the ability to handle multiple tasks. Have strong presentation and organizational skills.



Senior Web Developer