Are you ready?


By:Beena Reji

Oh! Weary traveler, how far is your journey?

The wilderness is never ending it seems,

Days fly by, months and years roll by,

Time and tide waits for none you say,

Hush! wait a minute, are you ready?


The tempest in your heart, the turmoil in your mind,

The ever changing world, the wheels of time galloping,

Explosion of knowledge, communication and transportation,

Oh! The world is in a nutshell, accessible and lucrative,

Hush! wait a minute ,are you ready?


Wars and cries,epidemics and famine,

Repgious confpcts,global warming,

Pride and prejudice,envy and hatred,

Oh!The moral values gone with the wind,

Hush! wait a minute, are you ready?


Earthquakes and volcanoes, signs and wonders in the sky,

New medicines and herbs, more diseases and death,

Yoga and meditation, mental imbalance and suicidal rates,

Oh! Mortal man, cpng on to the Rock of salvation,

Hush!wait a minute ,are you ready?


Heaven and earth will pass away,

The Word of God will never change,

The Son of man is on His way, rather very near,

Oh!  I am coming quickly, He said so,

Hush !wait a minute, are you ready?


Surely the appointed time is near, the crops are ripened,

The harvest is ready, but where are the reapers?

Let shouts of praise and worship engulf the sky,

Oh! The power of darkness trembles and shakes,

Hush!wait a minute, are you ready?


Are your garments spotless and white?

Washed in the precious blood of Christ,

Is He your Savior, Lord and Shield?

Oh! when the trumpet blows, will you heed?

Hush! He is knocking at the door of your heart,